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What Impact Can Your Shopping Have On Your Cause?

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The 7 Best Categories To Get You Earning!


The average family spends $800 per month on groceries. Using HuTerra for your grocery shopping will have an amazing impact on the cause you love!


Amazon has everything and it can be on your doorstep tomorrow. With HuTerra, it's easy to have your Amazon purchases working for your cause!


Going to restaurants is one of the best ways to earn for your cause.  Many restaurants give up to 7% back to your cause which really adds up!


Home repairs, enhancements, decor,  and anything home can help your cause!


Traveling in your future? Use HuTerra for airfare, rental cars, hotels, cruises and Disney!

Auto & Gas

Your vehicle can help your cause too!  Use Huterra for oil changes, new tires & parts.

health & Beauty

From the spa to the pharmacy and everything in between, HuTerra has you covered!

It's Good To Gift & Share

SendING A gift Is Simple

If it is someone's birthday, Christmas or some other special occasion, send a gift card + earn for the cause you love.  We make it simple because the recipient doesn't even need to be a HuTerra member.

Sharing with Others

2 important reasons to share

Do you know someone that would like to support the cause you're supporting with their daily shopping? 

 Do you know someone that has a cause they need to raise funds for? Let them know about HuTerra!

Monthly Member Giveaway

We want to reward our members monthly for using HuTerra Rewards!  Have you used HuTerra this month? If yes, check out the details and enter to win every month!

How to Keep Earning Rewards

connect with huterra

We want to make sure you have the best experience and have awesome, new ways to earn for the cause you love! So stay connected with us so we can keep you in the loop.

  Read the emails you receive from the HuTerra team and sign up for the monthly giveaways!

  Watch for Facebook posts to get updates, to enter the latest giveaways and see how other people are earning for the cause they love.

Commit to using huterra rewards

The most successful fundraisers have members who actively use HuTerra Rewards for all their daily needs. Choosing to purchase your everyday items through the HuTerra app impacts the cause you love in major ways!

  Use HuTerra for weekly items like groceries, restaurants, personal items and household products. 

  Use HuTerra to purchase occasional items like clothing, home remodeling, hotels, flights, car rentals and so much more!

Learn with Huterra resources

It is amazing how effective HuTerra can be when you understand all the ways to earn for the cause you love.  We've created simple videos to help you fully grasp how every shopping experience can impact your cause in a positive way!

  Learn ALL the ways you can raise funds for the cause you love when you tune in to our HuTerra Member YouTube Channel