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Share your fundraiser and get others to earn for you! Earn more HuTerra Rewards quickly when you share your fundraiser with your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and other supporters!

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Your Supporters

Get them excited and keep them earning HuTerra Rewards when you email, call or text your supporters and let them know how your fundraiser is going! 

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Help others just like you to raise funds with HuTerra Rewards. Easily share HuTerra with other teachers, homeschool families, scouts, athletes, ministry, dance and cheer! 

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Easily see who is supporting your cause & how much they've raised.


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This video shows you just how easy it is to receive your funds, if your Team Fundraiser allows direct payment.

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You'll find helpful information & updates in our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel

Keep Earning Rewards

Stay connected with HuTerra to keep the excitement of HuTerra Rewards growing with your supporters and earn more along the way.

Connect with HuTerra

We want to make sure you have the best resources available to manage and maximize your HuTerra Fundraiser.

Read the emails you receive from the HuTerra team and participate when asked.

Watch for Facebook posts for important updates, group encouragement and connect with other teams using HuTerra.

Commit to Using HuTerra Rewards

The most successful fundraisers have team owners who actively use HuTerra Rewards. As you personally earn HuTerra Rewards, you help build excitement with your supporters and gain a deeper understanding of HuTerra’s potential impact on your fundraising needs. 

Use HuTerra for everyday life (grocery, home goods, travel, family meals) just as your supporters do. 

Purchase the things you need for your organization (office supplies, travel, concessions, meals, equipment, etc.) on HuTerra to earn more rewards.

$100 Team Owner Share Giveaway: Each month 1 team owner will be chosen to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. To qualify, a team owner must share HuTerra on social media and enter the drawing in the same month to have a chance to win. The email address must match the email address on file with that team owner Huterra account. The winner may be required to show the shared post or other communication to receive winnings. The monthly winner will be announced in the Facebook Group (HuTerra for Team Owners), via email and the winner will be notified via the email on file.